April 24, 2024
Apple’s new release of the iPad 10.9 (10g) changed the overall size and moved the camera to the landscape position, resulting in the need of a new custom fit EnCloz.  No worries, we’ve got you covered with a revised perfect fit EnCloz product for your new iPad!The new EnCloz for iPad 10.9 (10g) is now available for all EnCloz productswhen adding to your cart.

Did you get one of Apple’s other newly released iPad Pro’s (iPad 12.9 (6g) or iPad 11 (4g)) – those are also now available when adding to your cart.
Also available for the new iPad 10.9
EnCloz iPad Security Mount
ViewEnCloz iPad Security Floor Stand
ViewEnCloz iPad Security Microphone Stand Mount
ViewEnCloz VESA
A selection of secure iPad stands & mounts from flexible and rotating, to fixed positioned.  Locking, anti-theft, POS stands for commercial use in restaurants, retail shops, schools, churches, trade show, doctor’s office, hotel, telemedicine, and more.  The best is made in the USA from high quality grade materials.

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