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Sonos Plays Nice with AirPlay
AppMinute Podcast #88

Download and listen here, and subscribe to ALL the MyMac Podcasting Networks Show here Sam Levin talks about Sonos and how well its technology and solutions work with Airplay Link: Sonos

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iMainGo X Ultra Portable Speakers
AppMinute Podcast #78

Download the show here, and subscribe to ALL the MyMac Podcasting Network show here Sam looks at the iMainGo X Ultra Portable Speakers. It may be small, but with its advanced electronics, iMainGo X can flood a room with sound. Protect and enjoy your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or other device wherever you may roam. […]

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iHome iHM79 Portable Multimedia Speakers
AppMinute Podcast #63

Download here to listen, and subscribe for FREE here in iTunes Sam Levin looks at the iHome iHM79 Portable Multimedia Speakers. The iHM79 is the perfect stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook or any Laptop and MP3 player. These compact speakers attach magnetically in a capsule shape for ultimate portability, then separate […]

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