April 24, 2024
A Retro-Flavored Shooter Featuring Puzzle-Solving and Team-Building Mechanics
Keycodes delivered upon requestIndependent game studio Futuresalt Entertainment Ltd. has announced that Solomon Snow: First Contact will be coming to Steam on March 31.  Solomon Snow: First Contact is a retro-flavored shooter featuring puzzle-solving and team-building mechanics inspired by classics such as Alien Breed, Half-Life, Duke Nukem, and Doom.Email ImageThe game is designed to run smoothly on all platforms and deliver intense fun. Take on the role of an ordinary security worker to save the planet, your colleagues, and workplace from an alien army charging out of the gateway on a skyscraper rooftop. Use the unique skills and tools of the people you encounter on your way, such as scientists, who can open locked doors, engineers, who can help with environmental risks; and security officers, who can provide firepower.
In Solomon Snow: First Contact, players can develop character skills, combine teams, solve puzzles, improve skills, and fight bosses to make the game more challenging. A downloadable demo version of the game is currently available on Steam.Email ImageFeaturesRetro-flavored shooter.Team building mechanics.An arsenal of weapons is waiting to be used.Explore 38 floors of the building.Develop your character.15 varied skills divided into 5 skill trees.Defeat bosses.Explore the world to solve puzzles.Shoot, rescue, and lead the way!Close the portal in the final battle.Play on SteamAdditional InformationSteamWebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebook

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