April 24, 2024
Multi-genre Game inspired by Wreck-It Ralph
Keycodes delivered upon requestGata de Gorgos (Alicante), Spain –November 4, 2022– Independentindie developer Ofihombre announces that the 2nd-Beta of the multi-genre game Randy & Manilla is now availableon itch.ioRandy & Manilla is a mysterious quantum cyber-universe where you discover Net-Cubes. There has been a lot of focus on trying to polish all the details that could be found and less on adding new levels. The E-Mailer’s ship and the Net-Cubes’ textures have been improved for the 2nd beta. The camera in the first levels has been changed to one that is more manageable and similar to the one in the hub or in the later levels. The structure that surrounds the routes was also redesigned in favour of the new camera. Terra-Qubit is a platformer based net-cube (world). With so many details added and improvements made for this version, it can make a difference compared to the previous one. As example, It has 6 new soundtracks and two recompositions made by Marcus Wood, Kaaliu, Gamelody, and Michael Martel. Or in Rol & Rogue, the enemies can no longer do burst attacks (especially with Manilla).Email ImageFeatures6 new soundtracks & two recompositions made by Marcus Wood, Kaaliu, Gamelody & Michael Martel.4 more stages Added.Improved UI buttons.Ship controls for keyboard & gamepad are now by default.Camera drift in gamepads are now fixed (at least from Xbox One).The characters have greater mobility through the air while performing the jump in 3D levels.Added a button indication for fast text in the dialogs.More polished details. Additional InformationMedia Assetsitch.ioOfficial SiteStudio SiteDiscordTwitterEmail ImageAbout OfihombreThe original name of Ofihombre is Alexandre Monfort Ferrer. He was born on October 23, 1996, and lives in the village of Gata de Gorgos, Spain. The name of the studio is based on a character created by the developer in the game Spore. Since then, it has been used as a nickname on the Internet. Other games developed by Ofihombre and released on itch.io are Alien StormAndrux AdventureCubixFall MazeballPixelbit World, and Damiux Ferrer Dream.

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