April 12, 2024
Independent development studio Yelaex Games has announced that Rome 2077 Space Odyssey Action, an action game set in Space Wars, is now available on Android and iOSRome 2077 Space Odyssey Action is an immersive game that creatively combines top-down shooter with RPG elements and a story-driven single-player campaign. It offers addictive gameplay with its diverse selection of about 30 spacecraft, numerous weapons, extensive ship crafting options, and a narrative-rich offline single-player experience. Take command of a spaceship, equip it with preferred weapons, and strive for dominance in the ongoing space conflict against Alliance reinforcements. Customize your ship, battle enemies and bosses, and experience the thrilling ambiance of space.  With shooting gameplay mechanics and the ability to team up with AI partners, you have the power to protect your last space colony during the ongoing interstellar conflict.
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Features24 base spaceships with different characteristics.15 weapons: from base blasters – to laser rays, rocket launchers, and miniguns.Possibility to set weapons for each point of your spaceship – craft it as you wish!Nice story about space wars, defeats, and victories. You will be a part of this story!Different enemies with multiple AI patterns.Unique and various bosses.Great space atmosphere that will help you to dive into the world of space wars.Cool shooter gameplay mechanics.The ability to complete missions with partners (AI-driven) Additional InformationGooglePlay AppStore Media AssetsInstagram
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About Yelaex GamesYelaex Games is an Independent development studio from Nikolaev, Ukraine. They have created top hits such as Rome 2077: TacticsRome 2077: Space StrategyWorld of SmileSwitch Bridge Action.

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