April 13, 2024
Independent game development studio Surefire.Games and developer Drakkar Game Studio has announced that the demo of Heroes of Eternal Quest will be featured in the context of the Steam Strategy Festtoday. Heroes of Eternal Quest takes inspiration from the mechanics of Loop Hero but adds a fresh twist with its adorable art style. The game introduces unique gameplay elements such as roguelike deck building, real-time RPG combat, and in-battle strategic base building. Step into an eternal adventure filled with challenges as you gather resources, construct diverse structures, uncover enigmatic cards, and guide a team of destined heroes toward greatness. Traverse the unexplored, ascend the Tower of Shards, and defy an undesired destiny.
A downloadable demo version of the game is currently available on Steam. The game is being developed by Drakkar Game Studio and the release date is yet TBA. release date is yet TBA.
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FeaturesEndless Expeditions: Adapt your strategies to overcome evolving challenges on your way reaching the top of Shards Tower in this Eternal Quest.Resource Gathering & Gear Merge: Collect vital resources to expand your stronghold and merge equipment for stronger setups.Strategic Deck & Base Building: Tailor your card deck each time to build various structures during battles.Real Time Hero Combat: Choose from a roster of unique heroes, each with their unique skills and traits for engaging real time combat. Additional InformationMedia assetsSteam Publisher WebsiteStudio WebsiteDiscord
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About Surefire.GamesSurefire.Games partners with all the major video gaming media and influencers, their network has the capability to reach 10 million players. They serve all major game companies as marketing clients like Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft by providing robust marketing support in the Asian market. Now they want to assist more indie game developers by offering one-stop publishing services, and also bring more joy to global players. About Drakkar Game StudioDrakkar Game Studio is an independent game studio based in Santiago, Chile. This passionate team of developers specialize in creating role-playing and strategy video games. They strive to bring immersive and challenging worlds to life through our projects, and Heroes of Eternal Quest aims to provide a delightful experience in the interactive entertainment industry.

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