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AppMinute #216
FlyGrip, Spark Headphones, iHomeAudio iDM11

In AppMinute #216, Nemo flies through three recommended product reviews, and sparks fly wirelessly. Download and listen here Subscribe in iTunes First comes FlyGrip, a clever and secure way to hold and use your iOS device. Then he raves about id America’s Spark in-ear headphones and microphone, with very good sound quality at a real […]

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iHome iHM79 Portable Multimedia Speakers
AppMinute Podcast #63

Download here to listen, and subscribe for FREE here in iTunes Sam Levin looks at the iHome iHM79 Portable Multimedia Speakers. The iHM79 is the perfect stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook or any Laptop and MP3 player. These compact speakers attach magnetically in a capsule shape for ultimate portability, then separate […]

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iHome Audio’s iA5 Alarm Clock Speaker
AppMinute Podcast 21

iHome’s first ‘app-enhanced’ speaker dock for the iPhone OS that combines an interactive app with a dedicated bedside alarm clock. In a nutshell, this clock speaker is what I deem a ‘clock dock on steroids’. I plugged my iPhone 3GS in and fired up the free companion iHome + Sleep App which is the heart of […]

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