April 12, 2024
Montreal, Canada –March 31, 2023 – Retro publisher Incube8 Games and indie developer Mike Yamato, announce that 2021: Moon Escape for the Nintendo Game Boy is available on physical cartridges and digital versions. The game will also be getting a self-released (digital format) on Nintendo Switch in the second week of May (the same DMG version of the game, running on Switch hardware). Set in a galaxy devastated by an unprecedented war, you will play the role of Tars Nunien, a paladin of the Marked Brotherhood, whose only mission is to return the enemy war plans to the capital planet Astra Nova in the hope of organizing the last desperate defense against the terrible Kisur Barbarians.
2021: Moon Escape is an open-world adventure based on exploration, combat, and character progression where the game world is a constant threat to your survival and the success of your desperate but noble mission.Email Image
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Standard Edition IncludesSealed boxClear cartridgeClear cartridge protectorInstruction booklet2021: Moon Escape stickers sheetSilkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side
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FeaturesReal-time combatMain quest dungeons with optional shrinesCharacter customization through skill tree and upgradeable equipmentAn intense and emotional story serving as a background to the exploration experienceAn alternative ending based on the player’s choices
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Social NetworksFacebookInstagramTwitter Additional InformationMedia AssetsWebsite About Incube8 GamesFounded in 2021, with already more than ten games signed in their first year and counting, they aim to facilitate the publishing of retro video game cartridges. With a strong production and supply chain expertise gathered through their various ventures, they offer turnkey publishing solutions for physical retro game releases. Using quality components from long term local and overseas suppliers, they manufacture complete physical editions in addition to a variety of add-ons for premium collector’s editions. About Mike YamatoMike Yamato is a professional game developer that has worked on and directed both indie and AA games. He created and developed 2021: Moon Escape as a solo passion project during his free time, while collaborating on and managing larger video game productions during the day. He feels the hardware and software limitations on older consoles like the Game Boy are the best way to enhance creativity, and that this platform still has so much unexpressed potential to provide new experiences.

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