April 13, 2024
An Action-Oriented Puzzle-Platformer
Las Vegas, NV –March 31, 2022– Independent game developer FlipswitchX has announced that their Kickstarter campaign to fund Magnet Jack for Steam is already live.  Magnet Jack is an action-packed puzzle-platformer game with over 150 stages and a variety of mechanics similar to Mario, Wario, and Meatboy.  The game features an eccentric environment with quirky characters, and players must complete stages to gain access to new paths, explore character houses, ride boats, confront bosses, and uncover secrets. Currently, there is a downloadable demo version of the game available on Steam.
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Features150+ stages. 60+ mechanics. Top-down overworld with 9 worlds. Bosses. Short, addictive game loop. Cartoony, strange, and ridiculous characters.Classic secrets. True pixel engine.   Additional InformationPress KitKickstarterSteamTwitchDiscordTwitter
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About Blake FixBlake Fix is an independent game developer based in Las Vegas, NV. He is dedicated to creating unique and memorable gaming experiences that combine challenging gameplay with humor and heart.

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