April 13, 2024
 Indie publisher Versus Evil will be showcasing four titles in Steam’s second annual Steam Digital Tabletop Fest which kicks off today and runs until the 25th October.

The event is a multi-day celebration of tabletop gaming, with featured discounts, live streaming events, and more with a special focus on Role-Playing Games.

Versus Evil will feature the award winning RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club which recently scooped up an Indigo design Award, Customizable card battler and Webby Award Honoree RPG Cardpocalypse, turn based digital board game RPG Antihero, and last but not least,digital collectible card game Faeria which incorporates a living board as an aspect of its gameplay and perfectly suited for Steams latest tabletop initiative.

Head over to Steam to find out more.

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