June 19, 2024

The third in a series of developer diaries giving an insight into the behind the scenes development of upcoming atmospheric narrative adventure, A Void Hope, has been released today. In the new dev diary, Alexander “BG” Berggren delves into the story behind A Void Hope’s atmospheric art style. This release of the new dev diary coincides with the release of a new single that can be heard in the game, Perspective, from synthwave artist Waveshaper, who composed the soundtrack for A Void HopeA Void Hope follows a couple trying to find a cure for an unknown affliction that seems to affect people’s memories, forcing them to venture into dark and dangerous streets and explore abandoned buildings in a collapsing city filled with delightfully detailed degradation rendered in Elden Pixels’ gorgeous retro-inspired pixel art style. 

A Void Hope’s haunting aesthetic is aurally enhanced thanks to Elden Pixels’ collaboration with renowned synthwave artist Waveshaper, who previously worked on the soundtrack for Furi, features sound design from Little Nightmares Audio Designer Christian Björklund and a story by science fiction and horror writer Frida Windelhed, creating a seductively chilling ambiance that is as emotionally engaging as it is aesthetically pleasing.

What critics are saying

“…a mystery that pulled me in within the first five minutes” – GameReactor

“A Void Hope creates something new and fresh” – The Gamer

“…a visually stunning experience” – Adventure Gamers

Play the A Void Hope demo and wishlist now on Steam.

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