April 12, 2024
Independent development studio Bitrich.info announces that Rail Route is leaving Early Access on Steam today. The game is being discounted at 1.0 release and a special Soundtrack and Music Player DLC will also be released to celebrate the transition.  Initially released in Early Access on Steam in June 2021, it now boasts a 91% Very Positive review score on Steam. Rail Routes’ vibrant community on Discord is another testament to the love for train dispatching. Over 9000 members are engaged in discussions on updates, providing feedback, or sharing over 2000 community-created maps. 
“Taking Rail Route through early access together with our dedicated community has been a true joy. We’re proud to finally transition to 1.0, not many games leave early access and for us, it has been the biggest milestone. After this release, we, however, hope to continue serving our players with high-quality content and improvements on this ride, (hopefully) without an end station,” said Zdenek Dolezal, Executive Producer on Rail Route.
Email ImageRail Route is a simulation game that enables players to realize their dream of creating a railway network, gradually expanding and witnessing its evolution while mastering automation for seamless operation, ultimately achieving mastery over their created world. The game’s design combines simplicity with authenticity, offering an intuitive interface reminiscent of a train dispatcher’s screen yet concealing a world of intricate mechanics that unfold with each station and contract added.
In Rail Route, players dictate their network’s evolution, starting from scratch and unlocking resources to construct their ideal rail system. They can enjoy the gratification of meticulous scheduling or face intense, time-sensitive challenges, showcasing their strategic prowess and adaptability.
Email ImageFeaturesThe art of Automation: Progress from simple stations to a complex, automated rail network by taking contracts and unlocking technologies for more trains and automation tools.Simplicity in Complexity: Experience intuitive design with hidden intricacies, mirroring real rail management as your network expands and contracts are undertaken.Real-World Networks: Build and manage your railway empire on real city maps, scheduling trains strategically or facing high-pressure scenarios.Community Engagement: Join an active community of creators and enthusiasts, contributing and exploring an ever-expanding universe of global railway maps in Rail Route.
Email Image
Email Image
About Bitrich.infoAfter more than two years in development, the studio has expanded into a strong team of developers, designers, and musicians – all working to create the greatest dispatch game out there. Rail Route – their first title – boasts over 1300 Steam reviews and a Discord community of 9000 loyal fans. Bitrich continues to provide regular updates to Rail Route as they chug their way towards the full release.

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