April 13, 2024
REVERSE: 1999 EMBARKS ON AN ODYSSEY TO ANCIENT GREECE WITH VERSION 1.4 UPDATE “THE PRISONER IN THE CAVE” ON FEB 29New Main Storyline Chapter, Two Playable Arcanists, Three Gameplay Modes, Special Musical Performance, And Plenty Of Rewards Make Version 1.4 The Biggest Yet

HONG KONG – FEBRUARY 23, 2024 – Bluepoch Games announced that its time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 will release its free, highly anticipated Ancient Greece-themed update and Mystery Box Carnival on February 29th. Titled “The Prisoner in the Cave,” the update will appear on the App StoreGoogle Play, and PC. With 19.99 million downloads since launching last October, Reverse: 1999 has topped the App Store and Google Play charts in more than 160 countries, including the United States, Canada, Korea, and Japan. 

Version 1.4 introduces a major storyline that sees Timekeeper Vertin and arcanist companions Sonetto, Regulus, and Liliya traveling to a mysterious island unaffected by the “Storm.” It also includes three new powerful arcanists, three original game modes, epic rewards that enable players to gain 20 free pulls and a free 5-star character, and various in-game activities, making this the most content-heavy update released so far. New players can gain up to 80 free pulls in this new version.Click to view Reverse: 1999’s Version 1.4 livestream featuring Live 2D models of Regulus and new character 37: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd1Ua1VoQOwCheck out all Reverse: 1999 press releases and media assets HERE.In Reverse: 1999, become the Timekeeper in an alternate history where the flow of time rewinds itself due to the mysterious “Storm.” Recruit a team of arcanists – those born with eccentric, powerful abilities – from different countries and eras. Players carefully arrange incantations and confront Manus Vindictae, a group of rebellion arcanists, to restore the natural order of the universe. Reverse: 1999 elevates anime-stylized games with breathtaking cinematics, jaw-dropping Ultimates, and full English voice acting comprising a unique array of dialects and accents.

Download and play Reverse: 1999 for free to experience the new main storylines Chapter 5 and Chapter 5 Special when they launch later this month.Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4’s features also include:Two New Characters: In Phase 1, players will be able to summon the clever but absent-minded 37, a 6-star Star-type arcanist, with the banner “Beyond the World of Matters.” In Phase 2, players will be able to summon the scholarly hermit 6, a 6-star Intelligence-type arcanist, with the banner “Seeker in the Cave.”Character story events will be available for each new arcanist.

Three New Gameplay Modes: Take down one big bad after another in the boss rush gameplay challenge “Mane’s Bulletin.” Explore and solve the Reverse: 1999’s first 3D puzzles in “The Three Doors.”Dive deeper into character stories with “Anecdote” featuring the never-before-seen backstories of arcanists Charlie and Oliver Fog.Tons of New Rewards: Players can claim 240 Clear Drops and plenty of resources with the three codes “THEPRISONERINTHECAVE,” “37APRIMENUMBER,”  “6THEPERFECTNUMBER”  shared during today’s livestreamHowever, the rewards don’t stop there. Version 1.4 will introduce two sign-in events, “Treasure in the Suitcase” and “Treasure on the Beach,” where players will be able to claim up to 20 Unilogs and growth materials. Players will also be able to select a free 5-Star character of their choice from the general summoning pool in the “Carnival Invitation” event and a new limited portrait through the “Roaming in Geometry” event.

Fan-Created Online Musical Performance, Figures, and Nendoroids:The launch of Reverse: 1999’s record label “The 1999 Records.” The label’s first OST “Journey in the Rain” and the game’s character EPs will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora soon.In collaboration with GSAS, Sonetto figurines are now available for pre-order online.In collaboration with APEX, the Vertin 3D Frame is also available for pre-order online. Figure collaboration merch with APEX for Tooth Fairy and Druvis III will enter production soon.A special fan-created online musical performance featuring renditions of the game’s music from artists all around the world will take place on March 16.

New In-Game Activities: In the time-limited summon event ”Abundance of the Water – The First Milestone,” players will be able to claim up to seven free daily single summons of 6-star characters like An-an Lee, A Knight, Melania, and Voyager. The garment series “Between Lines and Numbers” will introduce new looks and skill effects for arcanists Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart, and La Source. “UTTU Flash Gathering – Wandering on the Shore” will add new FAME cards.The “Set Sail Again” and “Sealed Records” events will allow players to collect materials to help Vertin’s companion Regulus rebuild her beloved ship and learn more about arcanists Matilda and Sotheby.Throughout Version 1.4, players can claim “Badges of Wonder” by completing various tasks. Once a set is complete, the badges will trigger unique effects and backgrounds that can be displayed on players’ profiles.Wilderness gameplay will be updated to include four plan-saving slots, making it easier for players to save multiple sets of plans. Additionally, the Wilderness Island Capacity will increase from 120 to 150.Download 

Reverse: 1999 today on the App StoreGoogle Play, and PC to experience the game’s much-anticipated new main story chapter on February 29. Ponder ancient philosophy and share numerological theories with a group of aspiring stoics via Discord and follow on X / TwitterYouTubeFacebook, and the game’s official website.

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