April 24, 2024
Independent development studio Star Drifters is releasing Brewpub Simulator, an own-your-bar sim, on Steam today. Brewpub Simulator allows you to brew your own beer, offering the option to follow recipes or experiment with unique creations. Customize your brewpub with new furniture, wall decor, and party games while maintaining cleanliness, aiming for high star ratings, and building a strong social media reputation.  Engage in enjoyable minigames, including arcade machines, darts, and pool, and challenge yourself with daily tasks to maximize profits. Transform a dilapidated brewery into a classy establishment, serving the best beer in town to establish your reputation and master the art of brewing.  Embrace the challenge of precision and experience required to create the perfect beer and design your own beer brands with creative labels, all while keeping your kegs full and continually growing your brewpub empire.
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FeaturesBrew your own beer with ingredients and recipes or experiment with unique creations. Customize your brewpub with furniture, wall decor, and party games, and maintain cleanliness. Aim for high star ratings and manage social media to enhance your brewpub’s reputation. Enjoy entertaining minigames like arcade machines, darts, and pool, related to brewing. Take on special tasks for profits and engaging gameplay. Transform a rundown brewery into a classy establishment, serving the best or worst beer to build a name. Discover the challenges of crafting perfect beer, demanding precision and experience. Make customers happy with your beer brands, unique labels, and a steady supply to grow the business. Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteamTwitterYouTube
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About Star DriftersStar Drifters is an independent game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Established in 2014, known for the development and publishing of a real-time 4X strategy game called Driftland: The Magic Revival, and rogue-lite Danger Scavenger. Star Drifters’ mission is to create engaging, challenging, and highly replayable games that will remain in players’ memories for a long time.

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