October 2, 2023
Dallas, TX –June 1, 2023– Independent development studio The Retro Room Games has announced that A Satyr in Hell, anenthralling puzzle platformer designed exclusively for Mega Drive/Genesis systems is now available on their store at $42.99. A Satyr In Hell is a game that offers a gripping and immersive gaming experience across all compatible devices. Prepare yourself for a formidable challenge as you navigate the perilous depths of Hell, searching for your escape route from its sinister clutches. The complete in-box edition includes the game cartridge for smooth gameplay, a sturdy protective box, and a comprehensive manual to unravel the secrets and mechanics of this captivating journey.
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FeaturesExclusive Design for Megadrive/Genesis Systems.Challenging Gameplay.Compatibility Across Devices.Gripping and Immersive puzzle platformer.Unforgettable Adventure.Complete In-Box Edition. Additional InformationMedia AssetsStoreWebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube
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About The Retro Room GamesThe Retro Room Games started in 2019 as a development company and has blossomed into a development and publishing house. They work with commercial companies and indie developers alike. They have published for various platforms from NES to Game Boy to Sega Dreamcast among others. Some of the games published to date are Airball, BIG2SMALL, Chip’s Challenge, Elland: The Crystal Wars, Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, and Magic & Legend: Time Knights, and Quest Arrest.  They are very passionate about keeping retro games and retro style games alive and in the hands of awesome people. They will continue to keep them alive for another generation to come!

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