April 24, 2024
Malaga, Spain –May 25, 2023– Indie game studio Made in Mavis is launching Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime on Steam and Nintendo Switch today.Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime is an intriguing and immersive detective game where you join Abby Marlon to solve riddles and uncover hidden objects, delving into the enigmatic adventure of the Taylor family’s darkest secrets. Assume the roles of Abby Marlon and Jared Evans in the investigation of a murder case where Eleanor is suspected of murdering her father Edward for his inheritance, leading you to trail Eleanor, solve the intricate family mystery, and uncover a captivating story where things may not be as they seem.Collect clues, interact with characters with additional plotlines involving intriguing characters, and ongoing updates, this crime and mystery game offers a thrilling and ever-evolving experience.
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FeaturesInvestigate a criminal case.Collect clues and interact with characters.Fill in the detective board.Use logic to solve a case.Trust your instincts.Crime and mystery game. Interact with the characters and get objects to customize your detective board.Store sitesSteamNintendo eShop AmericaNintendo eShop Europe Social MediaTwitterInstagramTikTokYouTubeAdditional InformationMedia AssetsWebsite
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About Made in MavisMade in Mavis is a Spanish indie studio. It was formed in 2020 at the Digital Content Pole of Malaga, thanks to the pre-incubation program Go2Work, where the project grew and laid the foundations for the development of Marlon’s Mystery. The studio is composed by a multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals with technical, and artistic profiles.

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