May 30, 2024
Hong Kong, China – April 7, 2023 – Publisher Leyo Games and independent developer RD Studio have announced that the demo of Perfect Partner will be coming to Steam on April 13.  Perfect Partner is a party game where players compete in teams of two to navigate through a complex and trap-filled course in small inflatable boats, racing against other teams to reach the finish line. 
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To succeed in Perfect Partner, players need to engage in teamwork and synchronization. This involves discussing tactics with their partner, remaining vigilant against cunning opponents, and being mindful of the possibility of their partner becoming their biggest obstacle. The game includes three randomly generated mini-games that offer upgrades to players’ boats depending on their performance. Players must work together flawlessly and execute their moves meticulously to outpace their opponents, eliminate other teams, and ultimately win the championship.
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FeaturesUp to 4 Teams and 8 Players. Three randomly generated mini-games.Tactics and challenges.Synchronization with partners.Mastering party skills Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteamDiscord

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