May 30, 2024
İzmir, Turkey – April 6, 2023 – Independent development studio NAISU is releasing Volley Pals, an action-packed cartoon-style arcade volleyball game,on Nintendo Switch and Steam today.  Volley Pals is a game designed for local multiplayer parties of up to four people. The game includes multiple levels with different themes and mechanics, such as invading the opponent’s area, rock-paper-scissors, and raising the height of the net. Players have the option to customize their rules and preferences and can compete against either real players or artificial intelligence in matches that range from 1v1 to 2v2.  The game features stylish 2D cartoons, and players can choose from a variety of cute, original characters. The game’s immersive experience is enhanced by the beautiful music that accompanies the gameplay.
Volley Pals is already available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
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FeaturesModern-style arcade volleyball game.Play against up to 4-player local multiplayer or AI.Various crazy levels with different themes and mechanics.A special level dedicated to customise your own rules and preferences with a wide range of options.Original and cute characters to choose from. Stylish 2D cartoon graphics. Store SitesSteamNintendo SwitchMicrosoft Store Additional InformationMedia AssetsWebsiteDiscordFacebookTwitter InstagramTikTok
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About NAISU GamesNAISU is a solo game developer focused on programming and game design who works with freelancers all around the world to release his games. So far, he has published and still works on:

Mokoko XCreep
Dinky DungeonDark Fantasy: Jigsaw PuzzleDark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle

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