May 30, 2024
Mumbai, India –April 5, 2023– Independent game development studio Neosphere Interactive Studios is releasing 1971: Indian Naval Front on Steam today. 1971: Indian Naval Front is a third-person naval combat game based on the actual events of 1971 war. The game allows you to learn history by experiencing the clash between India and Pakistan.
1971: Indian Naval Front features iconic ships of the Indian Navy. Over 40 authentic naval units, including jets and helicopters, are player-controllable. A mini-game for solving Morse-coded messages and progressing through the levels is also included.
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FeaturesPlay with iconic ships of the Indian Navy like INS Vikrant, INS Rajput, INS Brahmaputra, INS Veer, etc.Experience real-world missions in the form of a campaign like Operation Trident, taking out PNS Ghazi, destroying airfields, etc.Wreak havoc from the air using the Hawker Seahawk jet and  Breguet Alize of the Indian Navy.Fly the classic Westland Sea King helicopter for recon, search, and rescue missions.15 levels of naval and air combat missions.Transmit Morse-codes to deliver intel as part of the Military Intelligence team. Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteam StoreRedditYouTubeFacebookInstagram
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About Neosphere InteractiveNeosphere Interactive was started by two like-minded Indian gentlemen in mid-2016 in Mumbai with the objective to design and develop high-quality games for PC and Consoles with a constant underlying military theme.​The co-founders, Rajesh Iyer and Hitesh Ramchandani have a combined work experience of more than 25 years between them in the fields of Game Development and Animation, mixed with a strong passion for PC games. Over the years, they have worked on several titles with several Indian gaming companies, spanning across multiple platforms like PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, and Mobile.

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