June 19, 2024
Barcelona, Spain –April 4, 2023– Solo indie game developer RubenRetro will be launching his Kickstarter campaign to fund the physical release of Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party for Game Boy Color in Q2 2023. Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party are two rhythm music video games inspired by games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band where players control a piano with which they have to hit the keys when the notes reach the corresponding key zone. Players are accompanied by a kitty of their choice who will cheer up if they have a good rhythm or lose concentration if they fail. Each game version has 7 scenarios with 3 different difficulty levels and each scenario has a unique event that players must master to clear the level.
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Both versions feature 8 different kittens, each with its descriptions, characteristics, and unique dances. The Feats section displays achievements, requirements, and completion status, with each achievement unlocking additional content.
There are two different versions of the game, Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party, choose the version you like best! The games will be available in physical cartridge along with their box designed as the original ones and an instruction booklet.
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FeaturesRhythm music video games inspired by “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band”.Piano controls for hitting notes in corresponding key zones.Different cover box art on game cardboard.The game cartridge will have a different color according to the game version.Different sticker art according to the game version.The starter kitten with which you start your adventure can be Shera or Linda depending on your version of the game.7 scenarios with 3 different levels of difficulty.8 kittens, each with its description, characteristics, and unique dance.A unique event in each scenario that players must master in order to clear the level. Additional InformationMedia AssetsKickstarteritch.ioWebsiteTwitterInstagramYouTube
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About RubenRetroRubenRetro is an indie solo game developer from Barcelona, Spain, who likes to create original games that bring something new. He shares his background and experience with video games, from his first console, the Gameboy, to taking programming classes and becoming a collector. He talks about how he started making games using Gbstudio and his goal of sharing his passion for his games with others.

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