June 19, 2024
Independent development studio Futuresalt Entertainment Ltd. is releasing Solomon Snow: First Contact, a retro-flavored shooter featuring puzzle-solving and team-building mechanics, on Steam today. Solomon Snow: First Contact is a video game where players take on the role of an ordinary office guard tasked with rescuing survivors and fighting off an alien invasion at the Futuresalt Corp building.  Players must use the exclusive skills and tools of the people they meet to explore the 38 floors of the building, defeat bosses, and develop their character with 15 varied skills divided into 5 skill trees.  The game involves puzzle-solving, team-building, and enemy portal closing-related activities. To succeed, players must be smart, quick, and on guard to defeat alien enemies and save their colleagues, planet, and workplace.
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FeaturesRetro-flavored shooter.Team building mechanics.An arsenal of weapons is waiting to be used.Explore 38 floors of the building.Develop your character.15 varied skills divided into 5 skill trees.Defeat bosses.Explore the world to solve puzzles.Shoot, rescue, and lead the way!Close the portal in the final battle.

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