Stunlock Studios Celebrates Arena Brawler Battlerite’s Four Year Anniversary With Giving Out All Champions for FREE

Stunlock Studios today have published their latest dev blog in which the developer honours the four year anniversary of their action-packed team arena brawler Battlerite this Sunday, 7th November, with an array of electrifying celebrations!
With Stunlock Studio’s latest project V Rising in development, made by the majority of the same team that created Battlerite, the blog looks back at the history and foundations of the development studio and their games, including Bloodline Champions, Dead Island: Epidemic and Battlerite. To celebrate the anniversary, the blog announces that new players can snag a free ‘All Champions’ Pack from November 7th, in addition to rare mount giveaways on both the Battlerite Discord and V Rising Discord so players can enter the proving grounds with style! The developers will also be playing Battlerite this weekend, allowing brawlers to finally realise their dream of defeating a game dev at their own game!
Be sure to check out the full Dev Blog Update here
This legendary Igniter/Ashka mask was recently handed out by the Stunlock Studios’ CEO to the original crew after 10 years of service.
“There is no Battlerite without Stunlock Studios, and there is no Stunlock Studios without Battlerite. Battlerite made it possible for us to continue making the kind of games we enjoy making, with “gameplay first” and juicy combat as a focus. The majority of the employees who worked on our first game are still in the studio today, now working on V Rising. We built a strong core of experience and talent mixed with amazing new recruits who throughout the years learned to create magic together.”
More on V Rising:
V Rising is the new game from Stunlock Studios where you play the part of the vampire. Rise from your grave after centuries-long sleep, thirsty for blood and hungry to regain your former glory. Sharpen your fangs and get ready to rule the twilight as V Rising enters Beta in 2021. Sign up for the V Rising Beta and newsletter here:
V Rising Steam Page:
V Rising Website:
V Rising Facebook:
V Rising Twitter:
V Rising Discord:
About Stunlock Studios
Stunlock Studios is one of the leading independent Swedish game developers in Skövde and most known for arena brawler Battlerite. Since the launch of Battlerite, more than 6 million unique players have tried their luck in the arena, shooting Battlerite up to the peak of the ‘top-selling’ free-to-play games on Steam on several occasions. With a passion for multiplayer action games, the studio crafts groundbreaking and community driven games, always with their players in mind. Visit:

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