April 12, 2024
Independent game developers Boreal Mist Studio has announced that their game Project Apax, will be coming to Steam in 2022 and a free playable demo will be out November 5. Project Apax is a nostalgic old school RPG with a deep narrative and interactive battle system inspired by great classics like Final Fantasy IX or Golden Sun. With an appealing anime style and neat VFX, Project Apax immerses you in an animated movie. Join Laia and Evan, two young graduated Apprentices from the Kingdom of Agni, in their adventure to face the powerful Kingdom of Gea. 
Additionally, Project Apax will soon be launched on Kickstarter to help developers fund the development and production of the game.
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Features Battle modeRealtime turn-based combatInteractive and dynamic combat actionsAI-powered enemies that will require strategyExploration mode3 continents and 10 cities, with over 80 hours of contentInteractive environmentRewarding puzzlesExplorable dungeonsTwo encounter modes: random encounters and visible enemies Additional InformationMedia assetsSteam StoreStudio WebsiteTwitterInstagram
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About Boreal Mist Studio Boreal Mist Studio is a video game development studio based in Madrid. Our character sheet started with dice, boards, and stories. They chose class by studying the noble arts of programming and 3D design. Our characters were developed using experience points to learn modeling and programming. Now, this intrepid party has embarked on probably the hardest quest yet for them: producing their own turn-based RPG.

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