Nintendo Switch OLED Teardown: More than just a new screen

Don’t let the name fool you: the Nintendo Switch OLED is far more than a new display. There’s a better kickstand, sure—but also new cooling, boards, antennas, and more! Our teardown shows these changes are more than screen-deep. Inside, this OLED-bearer is much more compact, with a smaller cooling assembly, efficient enclosed speakers, and super-thin glass-covered display. Dare we say this is the Switch Pro the internet has been looking for? Maybe we’d better not … With troublesome cable routing and no discernible changes to those infamously drifty Joy-Cons, we’re not sure this console is quite ready for the Rainbow Road.

Want to see the redesigned Joy-Con rails, intense hinge hardware, Samsung-made display, and cool guitar-shaped I/O board? Watch our teardown video for the full suite. Looking for a repairability score while you wait to get your hands on one of these? We’ll remind you that the best Switch for the planet is the one you’ve already got, but the repairability score on this OLED model is still commendable at 7/10.
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