April 13, 2024
A Playfully Absurd Turn-Based RPG
California, USA –February 13, 2024– Independent development studio Miltonius Arts has announced that Akumi Wars is now available on SteamAkumi Wars is a playful and absurd turn-based RPG featuring a high-stakes treasure hunt where players build their own team of eccentric heroes armed with guns, magic, and unique abilities. Through mixing and matching skills, they engage in fast-paced battles to assemble their crew and confront villains, encountering unusual creatures and supernatural horrors throughout the adventure.
A downloadable demo version of Akumi Wars is currently available on Steam.
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FeaturesPlayfully absurd turn-based RPG.A high-stakes treasure hunt.Build your own party of irresponsible misfit heroes.Armed with guns, magic, and a distracting amount of leg.A unique team by mixing and matching skills.A turn-based combat system.Assemble your crew to combat villains.Villains are almost as bad as the heroes.An adventure with unusual creatures and supernatural horrors. Social MediaDiscordTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteamWebsite
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About Miltonius ArtsMilton J Pool, better known as Miltonius has worked on TV shows including Cartoon Network’s Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and video games including AdventureQuest Worlds and OverSoul. Milton Pool followed his own passions. Akumi Wars is his first independent video game project.

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