March 2, 2024
Under Cover Dev Commentary Talks VR-ifying Time Crisis Ahead Of February 15th Launch In a new gameplay developer commentary, Sigtrap has shown off 15 minutes of gameplay while delving into the process of translating the appeal of golden age lightgun shooters to VR, ahead of the release of Under Cover on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3 on February 15th. Technical Director Luke Thompson, Lead designer Mitchel de Konig and Art Director Gary Ashurst also talk about the evil corporation Infinidyne and the story, the game’s cover system, combat design and why enemies fly comically through the air in true action movie style. Developed by Sigtrap and published by Thunderful and Coatsink, Under Cover delivers the thrilling arcade action of classic lightgun titles on Meta Quest, using the power of VR to surround you with enemies in a way that the arcade cabinets that paved the way for Under Cover never could. The game features a full 5-6 hour campaign that you can tackle solo, or in buddy-cop co-op mode with an online friend or AI,  along with a retro score system that rewards aim, speed and chained kills. That’s not to mention the game’s groundbreaking Active Cover System where you duck to reload, something which has most definitely not been done before anywhere else…

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