March 2, 2024

Crumbling Games, are excited to reveal that their VR rogue-like action adventure Crumbling is set to launch in early 2024 on Meta Quest 2, 3 and Steam VR. Experience thrilling hack ’n’ slash combat as you embark on an enchanting adventure, battling an onslaught of plastic monster toys that’ll transport you back to childhood. The Crumbling demo, played by over 15,000 players, is live now on the Meta Quest Store and SteamEnter the famous Crumbles Crafts and Comics store, watch your Crumbling figurine come to life right before your eyes and discover the story of the endearing Mr and Mrs Crumble through beautifully animated and narrated comic books. Find out how the evil Böse Corp. stole the Crumble’s magic ingredients, fight off their monster toys and save the store!

In Crumbling, prepare to wield your character with just one hand, exactly like a toy action figure from your childhood. Move your palm-sized hero through breathtaking and beautifully crafted dioramas as you clash with an army of plastic monsters in energetic and thrilling hack ‘n’ slash combat. Be sure to observe your foes closely to predict their behaviour and unleash attacks to overcome their advances. Power your Crumbling up and smash the monsters to smithereens. Skill and timing is the key to success as you evade, counter, and strike your way through to the next boss. In true rogue-like fashion, if at first you don’t succeed, learn from each defeat and return stronger to vanquish your foes!

“We are super excited to finally have our Crumblings break out of their blister packs and hack’n’slash their way through the Meta Quest Store and Steam in early 2024!”, said Ole Jürgensen, solo developer at Crumbling Games. “Are you ready to smash some action figures in this whimsical VR experience? Their fate is literally in your hands!” More information on Crumbling:
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Crumbling Games is Ole Jürgensen, a solo developer based in Germany. His debut project, Crumbling, is due for release in early 2024.

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