June 19, 2024
ealcast, a leading innovator in virtual reality gaming, revealed a massive update for its VR arcade basketball game Just Hoops, adding Mixed Reality Playground features during Upload VR’s Winter Showcase today. Also in this showcase, Realcast unveiled an all new title – the VR comedic puzzle game, Hide the Corpse.

Just Hoops is an exhilarating VR basketball game available on Meta Quest 3. Taking inspiration from the timeless arcade classic Pop-A-Shot, Just Hoops seamlessly combines nostalgic retro vibes with cutting-edge mixed reality technology. Just Hoops transforms any mundane moment into a thrilling experience with friends and family. Featuring over 60 dynamic levels with ever-changing hoops, players are treated to numerous challenges and multiple play modes that cater to all skill levels. 
In 2024 Just Hoops will receive a major update adding Mixed Reality Playground features that allow you to arrange baskets and balls in whatever way that you want inside your home – or any physical environment for that matter. Customize the game to match your physical space, allowing persistence and perfect matching between the real and virtual world. Place game elements such as scoreboards, leaderboards, hoops, backboards, ball dispensers, bumpers, ramps and other obstacles. Change the ball’s characteristics (like bounciness and friction) to create your very own “trick shot” environment, and then share the experience with your friends and family without the need for any setup between players or matches.

“Mixed reality playground provides players a great degree of creativity to interact with. We believe this sandbox feature will make Just Hoops a must-have for all Meta Quest 3 owners, allowing them to compete, enjoy and share their love of basketball with friends and family,” said Rasheen Smith, Co-Founder, and President of Realcast. 
Just Hoops features: Retro-inspired arcade basketball gameplay Over 60 levels of changing hoops and challenges Multiple play modes for casual and hardcore players Use controllers or your bare hands to shoot hoops Diverse hoop targets, from traditional to animated and imaginative Play in mixed reality or multiple VR environments Compete online or enjoy solo mode That’s not all Realcast debuted today as it also teased its upcoming VR arcade/puzzle game, Hide the Corpse.
You wake up in a hotel room you’ve never seen in your life, and right in front of you is a dead body. Quick! The police are on their way! Convince them you’re innocent? No way they’ll believe you. Only solution: hide the corpse!

Inspired by the madcap movies of the 1970s, Hide the Corpse tasks players with one objective: you have five minutes to disappear a corpse before the cops arrive. Players must observe their surroundings in order to find tools and any available hiding spots. Players must be prepared to adapt, in case the environment changes, so that they can be as efficient as possible in their actions and stay within the given time limit.

“Featuring strong colors, groovy 70s decor, and increasingly absurd situations, Hide the Corpse is both fun to play and hilarious to watch,” added Rasheen Smith. “You can help support Hide the Corpse when it comes to Kickstarter in early 2024!” 
For more information on Realcast games:
Get Just Hoops on Meta Quest store
Visit the Just Hoops website: https://www.realcast.io/justhoops-2/
Follow Just Hoops Instagram: @justhoops.game
Follow Just Hoops on X: @JustHoopsGame
Join the Just Hoops Discord: https://discord.gg/brRjBZ6j

Back Hide the Corpse on Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/hidethecorpse-kickstarter
Visit the Hide the Corpse website: https://realcast.io/htc/
Join Hide the Corpse on Discord: https://discord.gg/UVePZ67hvx 
Follow Hide the Corpse on Instagram: @hide.the.corpse
Follow Hide the Corpse on X: @Hide_the_CorpseAbout Realcast 
Realcast is a leading developer in the virtual reality gaming industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation and entertainment. With a commitment to delivering immersive and unforgettable experiences, Realcast continues to redefine the possibilities of gaming in the digital age. www.realcast.io 

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