May 30, 2024

Hi, and welcome to App Minute. We’re a two-man podcast that discusses every platform of app out there, and should be the first port of call for anyone looking for an entertaining insight into the world of apps and what works, and what doesn’t, in addition to interviews with some of the leading technological minds out there.

A lot of people tend to find new apps through word-of-mouth recommendations, or seeing them on somebody else’s phone. Many smartphone owners will find a new way to tweet or play partypoker via their handset after a tip from a friend or loved one who uses an app they love.

What we aim to do here is be that app-savvy person, and tell you, voice to ear, why the app will work for you, or why it won’t, and what features and functionality it can offer you as a user. We’re huge app junkies ourselves, and our purpose is to try and up the standards of the various app markets across the web.

If you’ve ever felt that the commute’s been a little boring, then try one of our review podcasts for an app you might be interested in. Not only will we keep you content and entertained during, you’ll also come out the other side with a better idea of what your next app avoid/purchase will be.

We’re always happy to hear feedback from our listeners, too, and it’s great to have an audience who we can cater to, as although we love apps, we’re not just recording this for our own enjoyment – we want to keep app customers informed and savvy so they’re never stuck with an app they don’t like. So have a listen, and we hope you enjoy your time spent listening to us.

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