December 7, 2023

Keeping your much adored baby er…. device protected is very important. And Otterbox has done that with this sturdy case. Complicated, the least. Durable, quite so. The design is what really makes this thing protective.

Otterbox took the best of both worlds and created a 2 layer case that has a hard shell and a soft shock absorbent rubber skin. The skin separates from the hard shell, which makes putting the device into the case much easier. Put the phone in the skin then slip the hard shell over that.

The case has openings and buttons so that you never have to remove the case to charge the phone or listen to music. . The only problem I encountered was with the charging opening which was quite a hassle to get open and required you to put the device in the skin, then put the skin in the hard shel while holding the charger opening open.

Another great thing is how it creates a recess for the camera. Previously, the camera stuck out of the back, making it so the phone couldn’t lay flat and scratching up the lens. The case solves that, and now my phone lies completely flat!

Im so confident in this case that I can drop it onto concrete without a cringe. And when my friends see me with a case and tell me “Hey, why do you have a case on there? It makes it so bulky…” I say well, And then drop the hone from 4 feet up onto concrete. “THAT’s why.”

The case comes with a screen protector which is a nice inclusion, and classifies this case under “Full body protection”.

Good work Otterbox.

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