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AppMinute #222
Travel Tips for Techies

  Download and listen here Subscribe in iTunes NewerTech GripStand Nemo takes us to Los Angeles with an iPad; to Austin, Texas, with an iPod touch; and to Chicago with an iPod Classic. He gives recommendations for Wi-Fi versus 3G iPads, Internet in hotels, in-ear headphones, a portable USB charger, and a portable speaker+case+charger. Whichever […]

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Thinksound & Grado Labs
The ALL NEW AppMinute #211

Download & Listen here Subscribe in iTunes right here! Nemo gets excited about the best in-ear headphones in the world. Spend $400 for GR10 from Grado Labs, or spend $100 for MS01 from Thinksound. Is there really a four hundred percent improvement of the one over the other? Listen and find out. Then put on […]

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