June 19, 2024
Independent game development studio Predict Edumedia announces that Arhaekon, a tactical turn-based roguelike dungeon-crawler, is now available in Early Access on Steam.  Arhaekon is an expedition game set in a mature dark fantasy world, inspired by Warhammer 40k and gameplay mechanics from Path of Exile, Darkest Dungeon, and Disciples 2, where you bind warriors, fight through corruption, recover treasures, and rebuild a degraded world.
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The game features 14 themed regions, strategic combat with 12 unit types, roguelike elements, a corruption system affecting unit health, and complex management of units and resources.  It also includes procedural music, a currency system, crafting, camp management, and a focus on punishing decision-making and community-driven development. The full version of the game will conclude the story, add boss encounters for notable regions, introduce an additional unit tier with 16 extra units (28 in total), and provide more content such as enemies, regions, lore, and items, along with other feasible community-suggested features.Email ImageFeaturesDark fantasy;Roguelike elements including procedural dungeons & loot, units perma-death and more;14 regions with themed dungeons and enemies;Battle-centered turn-based tactical combat gameplay;12 units of 4 classes with unique and highly synergic abilities, experience and tier progression;Corruption System – your units’ health is not your only concern. They will slowly tune in towards the enemies’ song!Unit & party management – decisively restore your units’ resolve by committing them to the Purgatory and mend their broken bodies by assigning them the Medical Ward – if it isn’t already full;Equipment in the form of augments – a punishing system designed to render hoarding useless;Loot – randomly generated augments, crafting recipes, pages of lore, or ritual rites of six different rarities;Currency system with three types of favors from gods to bless your journey, refugees and materials to revitalize the continent, and, of course, ether – your very own fuel;Camp management – Upgrade and manage your ragged refugee camp & patch-up your facilities;Crafting system – The knowledge of upgrading the level of equipment or essences or obtaining new ones was lost, but the compendium of shaping is still at your disposal;Game progress management – access the atlas through the atlas portal. Non-linear progression ensures each region unlocks up to three others;Punishing decision-making: from layers of management to layers of combat mechanics, all your choices matter and there’s no going back;Collectible lore with a twist – you don’t care about the lore? Fine, just enjoy the experience & other bonuses from collecting it.

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