June 19, 2024
Bologna-based independent developer Dreambits Studio are pleased to unveil their Medievalpunk demolition derby game War of Wheelscoming soon to Steam. Explore the destructible environments of the realm and smash through automobile armies in this epic single-player experience, with a new demo available now!
Watch the War of Wheels trailer:
In War of Wheels, speed through fierce battles in the kingdom of Zeranthia as you fight opposing armies, while building your own, as you attempt to gain control of Aether, the kingdom’s powerful source of magic. Discover multiple realms, filled with arctic glaciers and scorching volcanoes, as well as cities, dense forests and vast plains. Discover hidden secrets, outposts and Aether mines, as well as huge pitched battles to test the capabilities of your combat car. 
With large scale battlefields to fight in, combining long range and close quarters weapons, alongside unique class skills, are essential to your strategy to conquer the different terrains and enemies you’ll encounter. Choose from the Knight, Ranger, Assassin and Barbarian classes, each offering different abilities, strengths and weaknesses as you pursue the Aether.
In addition to the battlefield, players can prove who is the ultimate war driver in gladiatorial games – timed tests of skill found throughout the empire. These games are played in epic arenas full of traps, obstacles and destructible environments as you fight against seven opponents in a battle to decide the overall champion. 
“Myself and the rest of the team are incredibly proud to finally announce War of Wheels,” said Luca Appio, founder of Dreambits Studio. “In creating a single-player, role playing experience with a rarely seen Medievalpunk setting, we’ve come up with a different kind of vehicular combat game, and we can’t wait to see the reaction to it when people play the demo.”

While you wait for the full release, lead your automobile army to battle in the Steam demo, available now! 
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About DreamBits Studio
DreamBits Studio, born in March 2021 with headquarters in Bologna, is a team of enthusiastic professionals who create videogames for PCs and consoles and apps for VR devices.

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