June 19, 2024
Fiedler Audio today announces the immediate availability of gravitas MDS, a brand new comprehensive and powerful dynamics processor for all the plugin formats and DAWs out there. What’s more, integrated as a master channel module into the Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos Composer, gravitas MDS becomes the world’s first dynamics processor dedicated to tackling mix bus compression and mastering for Dolby Atmos, just like you know it from decades of stereo production. gravitas MDS and the Dolby Atmos Composer bring the most powerful integrated Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering dynamics solution to the world, approved and certified by Dolby Labs.

About gravitas MDS
Gravitas is a compressor and expander packed with unique features. It is optimized for mastering but it can be used for anything from single sources, groups, buses, and, of course, complete mixes. Treating gravitas gently it sounds marvellously transparent as if not existing but miraculously bringing the dynamic range in shape. But with the right settings, gravitas can compress your drums to give them a punch never heard before. And it can do everything in between.

Gravitas can process every track format, from mono and stereo, up to 64 input channels in Plugin mode, while in the Reaper DAW as an AU-Plugin gravitas features 128 channels. Integrated as a master channel module in the Dolby Atmos Composer gravitas is capable of handling dynamics of all 128 possible channels (beds and objects) of a complex Dolby Atmos mix. Gravitas provides unique features not available in any other dynamics processor. Creating complex compression/expansion curves, limit gain reduction and gain increase, variable filters for both processing and detection, parameter linking across all instances in your session, variable channel linking, variable peak mode and the “3DET” (triple detector) mode (inspired by the famous AMEK mastering compressor) are among the highlights of Gravitas’ feature set. The input configuration dialog provides unprecedented flexibility, especially for multichannel signals. A gorgeous and at the same time functional user interface provides easy access to the immense potential of Gravitas. The meters, the amplification curve, and the moving level curve provide all the visualization needed for immediately spotting what is going on.Gravitas features overview – Unique Plugin Featuresdynamics for any format, from mono & stereo up to 128 channelscomplex compression curve for above and below the threshold processingseparate filters for processing and level detectionmanual LFE volume adjustment for surround formatslimiter function for gain reduction / gain increaseexternal side chain with up to 64 channels3DET mode for complex dynamics inspired by AMEK mastering compressorgradual linking and gradual peak modecomprehensive input configurationAdditional, general featuresOffers all 4 dynamics types (compression/expansion, upward/downward)Convenient Parameter linking across all instances in a sessionMid/Side processing on stereo tracksAbout gravitas MDS and the Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5 
From version 1.5 onwards the acclaimed Dolby Atmos Composer offers a Master Channel for processing entire Dolby Atmos mixes before printing them out to ADM/BWF for distribution. Besides being a plugin, gravitas integrates as a module inside the Atmos Composer for processing their Atmos mixes. In there, gravitas MDS features a breathtaking 128 channels for dynamics processing. Yes, this means even a complete Dolby Atmos mix with full use of all possible objects can be very conveniently tamed in terms of overall dynamics. Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5 relevant new mastering featuresIntroduces new master channel for processing Atmos mixesMaster channel module gravitas, your Mastering Dynamics System (only with gravitas license)New formats for monitoring and rerendering (9.1.4, 7.1.2, Stereo Direct)A new format for loudness measurement (Stereo Direct)New formats for Trim/Balance (Stereo Direct, 5.1.4)Import of any Dolby Atmos ADM files for quick processing/ mastering of ADM/BWF filesInstant loudness measurement for loaded ADM/BWF filesSpecial Gravitas Module Features in Dolby Atmos Composerup to 128 channels for complete Atmos mix processingsidechain input of up to 64 channels through sidechain input of Dolby Atmos Composerprocessing of imported ADM/BWF files with multiple LFE channelsTo get the full picture of the unparalleled power of gravitas MDS and especially the unique Dolby Atmos mastering suite consisting of the Dolby Atmos Composer and gravitas as a module, please check out the tutorial videos Fiedler Audio has put together for you: gravitas MDS Main Features 
Dolby Atmos Composer 1.5 / gravitas MDS
gravitas MDS – Parameter linking
gravitas MDS – Input ConfigurationPricing and availability
Gravitas MDS is directly available from the Fiedler Audio website and selected dealers worldwide.  
Gravitas MDS USD/Euro 299,-
The Dolby Atmos Composer USD/ Euro 249,- 
The Dolby Atmos Composer/ gravitas MDS Mastering Bundle is available for USD/ Euro 499,-The following bundles are also available, all prices USD/Euro:
gravitas + Interstellar 3D Reverb: 649,-
gravitas + Ignition 3D Reverb: 499,-
Dolby Atmos Composer + gravitas + Interstellar 3D Reverb: 849,-
Dolby Atmos Composer + gravitas + Ignition 3D Reverb: 699,-Further Information: www.fiedler-audio.com

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