May 30, 2024
Exit Plan Games are proud to announce a massive, free Wild-West themed expansion for their acclaimed 3D open-world sandbox adventure Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox today. Nintendo Switch adventurers, fear not! Your journey will commence soon. Stay tuned for the release date announcement.
Watch the new Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Wild West Trailer
The Wild West update adds a goldmine of new content to Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, while the Switch version will receive the update at a later date. The new Wild West Map is composed of five new regions  – Mexico, Saloon City, Oil Fields, Beaver Town and Gold Mines – each with new sub-regions to explore. Make your way across this lawless country by riding on horseback, rail carts, or by carrying out a good ol’ fashioned train robbery. There’s even canoes to cross the rivers cutting through these arid badlands. Enjoy over 80 new items to collect and customize your character with, including a slew of new weapons such as a lasso, revolver and shotgun, bow & arrows, a tomahawk, and  TNT crates for when you need a little extra firepower. Of course, these wastelands come with all new hazards including four new bosses and four new mini-bosses. Have you got what it takes to master this throwback to old Hollywood westerns?
“We always wanted Bang-On Balls: Chronicles to be our own playground where we can tell creative stories and springboard a sense of childhood creativity in a digital environment. Here at Exit Plan Games, we’re massive fans of Spaghetti Westerns, cowboys and the Wild West, and this is the best way to celebrate this!” said Damien Monnier, Co-Founder and Design Director at Exit Plan Games. “We cannot wait to see what silly sandbox adventures players get up to, and we’re so happy to give away all this content for free!”
About Bang-On Balls:Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a quirky, absolutely content-packed, destructible open-world sandbox adventure with combat, platforming, character customization, and a collect-a-thon scavenger hunt experience. Featuring glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat inspired by some of the best in the genre from Italian plumbers, blue hedgehogs, or wild bandicoots, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles lets you roll into jam-packed open worlds that let you explore and utterly smash them to pieces in the process! Conquer adversaries and boss fights, tackle thrilling challenges, and unearth multiple hidden secrets. Realms bursting with activities to do at your own pace while you break almost everything along the way!

Bounce between unique themed open worlds ranging from Feudal Japan fortresses, to pirate enclaves and 60’s space race environments. Each hosts their own unique mechanics, items, and enemies. Collect an arsenal of weapons, shields, and themed items to customize your character! No cosmetic paid DLC here folks! Unleash your creative powers to customize your character with items collected from playing!

Want to play with your friends? No problem as the entirety of Bang-On Balls: Chroniclessupports up to four-player co-op in online and local play. The PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions even include 2-player split-screen. Seamlessly jump between solo and co-op play!
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About Exit Plan GamesFounded by AAA devs Damien Monnier and Jose Teixeira in 2019, Exit Plan Games was created as an “exit plan” to escape the AAA space and create new video games with fresh concepts that are easy to just pick-up and play with an emphasis on FUN. Exit Plan’s team currently consists of 16 game developers with an average of almost 10 years of experience in game development on titles such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Motorstorm, and Bulletstorm. Exit Plan Games is dedicated to not only making quality experiences, but also maintaining a healthy work-life balance and was one of the first game studios in Poland to adopt a 4-day work week.

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