May 30, 2024
Indie games publisher Nordcurrent Labs, in collaboration with developer Emergo Entertainment, are delighted to reveal their upcoming cozy narrative adventure Fireside will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 4th for $14.99 / £12.79 / €14.79. This mesmerizing journey is set to kindle warmth in players’ hearts as they venture through the great outdoors and bond with fellow travelers along the way.

In Fireside, immerse yourself in a magical world, where the captivating narrative unfolds through a whimsical hiking adventure. Explore a wonderful hand-drawn landscape by traveling between campsites, and encounter a diverse cast of fellow travelers during nightly campfires. These cozy evenings at the crackling Fireside serve as the main point for nonviolent gameplay, featuring trading, cooking, and dialogue choices that generate “soul energy” – a magical currency for upgrading the player’s home. These gatherings form the heart of Fireside’s enchantment, fostering a profound sense of fellowship and connection between characters.

You can catch an all new glimpse at Fireside’s wholesome gameplay and colorful cast of characters in the brand new release date trailer. This offers a sneak peek into Fireside’s rich, hand-drawn visuals, cozy atmosphere, non-violent gameplay and emotionally resonant stories.
Watch the Fireside date reveal trailer here
With Fireside we wanted to create a warm-hearted wholesome adventure about the beauty of connecting with others, even when we’re all on our separate journeys,” said Paul Redetzky, CEO at Emergo Entertainment. “Fireside is an Adventure about Talking, Cooking, and Trading instead of Hacking and Slaying with small choices, heartwarming stories, and relatable characters that will make you happy.. This is an escape into tranquility, full of friendly faces, serene landscapes, and magical mystery. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Fireside when it launches on June 4th.”
Fireside immediately charmed us as soon as we tried it,” said Andrius Mackevičius, Head of Publishing at Nordcurrent Labs. “Its whimsical art, humorous, touching dialogue, and breadth of player choice filled us with joy, so we’re very excited to share this experience with everyone else.
Fireside Features:Campfire Conversations: Gather around the campfire with friends and engage in meaningful, heartwarming or whimsical conversations.Trade and Barter System: Each character has their own wants and needs. Collect various items and trade with other travelers.Cooking: Explore 50+ recipes to cook at the campfire. Cook the items fellow travelers desire and trade with them.Home Building and Improvement: Collect materials and soul energy to enhance your home base. Invite friends to visit, turning your space into a hub for shared experiences. Helping Hand Philosophy: Emphasizes compassion and empathy. Non-violent interactions contribute to the well-being of others.Tranquil Ambiance: Fireside provides a calming atmosphere for a break from everyday life. Enjoy nature sounds, campfire crackles, and soothing music for a peaceful experience.
For more information about Fireside:Wishlist on Steam: Fireside’s Discord channel: Visit Nordcurrent’s official site: Nordcurrent on X.

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