May 30, 2024
Independent development studio Predict Edumedia will be releasing Arhaekon, a tactical turn-based roguelike dungeon-crawler game on Steam Early Access in Q2. You are entering a torn world, where an ancient, lost civilization stands witness to the ongoing struggle of two god-like factions: the Arhaekons and the Prospherisors. While the former swore to prevent humanity’s extinction, the latter swore to extinguish it should they attempt to transcend, surpass their condition and upset the balance of the void. The mages, in their quest for power, bring about a cataclysm of unknown origin that destroys half of a distant continent. Black ashen clouds blot out the sun bringing about terrible famine and death.
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These events strangely coincide with the uncovering of a Prospherisor’s tomb deep inside a mine. Although uncertain at this point, it seems this entity has the power to invade the minds of humans and take control of them – and by now, we know what their calling is: to awaken their brethren and turn human against human until none remain. A gnostic priest sets to find and awaken an Arhaekon, locked in a similar tomb. Thus, you are awaken and begin your struggle to prevent the extinction of humankind while learning of the new, strange world you awakened upon.  Can you finally turn the balance in favor of the light? Email ImageAll the facts about Arhaekon:Dark fantasy;Roguelike elements including procedural dungeons & loot, units perma-death and more;14 regions with themed dungeons and enemies;Battle-centered turn-based tactical combat gameplay;12 units of 4 classes with unique and highly synergic abilities, experience and tier progression;Corruption System – your units’ health is not your only concern. They will slowly tune in towards the enemies’ song!Unit & party management – decisively restore your units’ resolve by committing them to the Purgatory and mend their broken bodies by assigning them the Medical Ward – if it isn’t already full;Equipment in the form of augments – a punishing system designed to render hoarding useless;Loot – randomly generated augments, crafting recipes, pages of lore, or ritual rites of six different rarities;Currency system with three types of favors from gods to bless your journey, refugees and materials to revitalize the continent, and, of course, ether – your very own fuel;Camp management – Upgrade and manage your ragged refugee camp & patch-up your facilities;Crafting system – The knowledge of upgrading the level of equipment or essences or obtaining new ones was lost, but the compendium of shaping is still at your disposal;Game progress management – access the atlas through the atlas portal. Non-linear progression ensures each region unlocks up to three others;Punishing decision-making: from layers of management to layers of combat mechanics, all your choices matter and there’s no going back;Collectible lore with a twist – you don’t care about the lore? Fine, just enjoy the experience & other bonuses from collecting it.
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About ArhaekonArhaekon is a tactical turn-based roguelike dungeon-crawler game for PC, set in a mature dark fantasy world. It draws overall aesthetic inspiration from Warhammer 40k and gameplay mechanics from Path of exile, Darkest Dungeon and the classic Disciples 2. Players must explore and fight their way through 14 procedural dungeons, recruit, nurture and develop 12 units split into 4 classes and lead them to the best of their abilities so they can help you cleanse the fallen world. About Predict EdumediaPredict Edumedia specializes in building online educational products, including e-courses and instructional, experiential, and edutainment video games. With a few dozen educational products released, our efforts have furthered interactivity and innovation in the field of education – a mission we’re passionate about because learning is fun! Game Website:  https://arhaekon.comSteam – Coming Soon – Early Access – Add to your Wishlist:

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