May 30, 2024
Innovative Devour-Shooting Gameplay with Generous Launch Rewards
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April 18, 2024, Singapore – Embark on a breathtaking journey into the world of dragons, where the seamless fusion of devour-shooting gameplay and unique transformation mechanisms unfolds. Flow Entertainment and the renowned game publisher Boltray Games are thrilled to announce the official launch of the eagerly anticipated “Dragon POW!”. Today, players are invited to dive into a world dominated by dragons, experiencing unparalleled dragon-riding and shooting adventures. Innovative Devour-Shooting Gameplay Officially Hits the Market with the Full Promo Release Official Trailer: Ride and Train Your Dragons! “Dragon POW!” is more than just a game; it’s an entirely new fantasy world. This light adventure RPG combines dragon flight shooting, idle cultivation, and Roguelike elements, redefining the RPG genre with its original devour-shooting gameplay and unique transformation mechanics. Players will become brave dragon knights, embarking on a fantastical journey with dragons of various attributes. These dragons can not only devour ammunition to counterattack enemies but also transform into beautiful humanoid dragon maidens, offering a unique cultivation fun for players. The game’s aesthetic design blends the bizarre with innovation, taking players through diverse chapter maps and game settings. Experience the mysterious darkness of “Shadow Forest,” rescue the sealed “Ice Dragon” in “Cryo Glacier,” and visit the hidden “Secluded Spirit Mountain” home to the Fairies. “Dragon POW!” offers simple one-handed operation and intense combat sensations, ensuring an exciting gaming experience anytime, anywhere. The game also features Roguelike gameplay, allowing players to combine over 100+ skills randomly to create their unique skill tree.
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Generous Launch Rewards with 111 Free Pulls and 4 Transformed DragonsTo celebrate the grand launch, the game generously offers a range of rewards, including 111 free draws and the gift of 4 transformed dragons (SR “Dandelion” the Wind Dragon, SR “Lyme” the Poison Dragon, SR “Bale” the Fire Dragon, and SSR “Ladon” the Ice Dragon) for completing tasks such as logging in, finishing beginner missions, or clearing main storyline stages.Additionally, to mark the launch, players logging into the game will receive bountiful rewards, including “Gold *50000,” “Starlight Prayer Stones *15,” and “Dragon Gems *400.”UR “Fafner” the Fire Dragon Animation Revealed with Showcasing Battle SkillsIn the first UP pool, players will have the chance to obtain the UR-level “Fafner,” the Fire Dragon with explosive power and enhanced draconic combat skills, capable of delivering final blows to bosses. Witness “Fafner’s” prowess and exhilarating combat below: Trailer 2: Fafner gameplay video “Dragon POW!” offers more than just gameplay; it’s an adventure into the world of dragons, a journey to dance with dragons. Join us now to explore the mysterious world of “Dragon POW!” and become a true Dragon Knight.

Download “Dragon POW!” now and embark on your adventure as a Dragon Knight: Official WebsiteGoogle PlayApp Store

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