April 13, 2024
An Action-Packed Fusion of Racing and Golf
Independent development studio Hugecalf Studios will be launching Turbo Golf Racing out of Early Access on SteamMicrosoft Store, and PlayStation 5 in Q2 2024. There is an upcoming tournament on the release date with a cash prize which you can get involved in if interested.
In Turbo Golf Racing, players traverse diverse courses using their cars to skillfully putt the ball. They can participate in a 1v1 Golf showdown emphasizing precision, compete against seven opponents in Race mode, or challenge themselves in Time Trials.
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The 1v1 Golf Showdown requires precision over speed, offering a unique aerial camera perspective and power dash mechanics. In 8-Player Online Race mode, players engage in a Grand-Prix style competition, utilizing boosts, shortcuts, and pickups to outmaneuver rivals and score first. In Time Trials, players race against the clock to earn stars and unlock new courses, with the opportunity to compare their best times with friends or compete for a spot on the global leaderboards.  Players supercharge their gameplay by equipping Power Cores to grant abilities, increase their speed, or enhance their ball control. Players can personalize their vehicle with a myriad of customizable features, and navigate diverse courses through different biomes.
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FeaturesAn action-packed fusion of racing and golf.Custom Games.Traverse diverse courses using cars to putt the ball.1v1 Golf Showdown which emphasizes precision and minimal shots.8 Player Online Race which offers Grand Prix-style competition with boosts and pick-ups.Time Trials challenge players to race against the clock.Power Cores and Pick Ups for customizing playstyle and abilities.Extensive customization options for vehicles.Courses offer varied terrain and biomes with boost pads and obstacles. 

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