June 19, 2024
Prepare to ruffle some feathers as Flap Happy takes flight with brand-new stretch goals that promise to crack open exciting and challenging game surprises. Plus, catch us on Talk Pittsburgh alongside Rent The Chicken for a clucking good time! (Pittsburgh, PA) — February 7, 2023 — Cluck, Cluck! Mega Cat Studios wants you to get ready to flap your wings with excitement as we unveil two egg-citing new stretch goals for our Flap Happy Kickstarter campaign! That’s not all – mark your calendars for February 16th at 3pm ET on CBS Pittsburgh channel 2, where we’ll be making an appearance on Talk Pittsburgh alongside Rent The Chicken to share the feather-ruffling fun of Flap Happy with the world! Flap Happy, the retro-inspired avian adventure game for the NES and Gameboy that’s taking Kickstarter by storm, is thrilled to announce the addition of two new stretch goals to its crowdfunding campaign. At $25,000 in funding, backers can look forward to unlocking additional characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. And if we soar past $35,000, get ready for an array of new game modes that will take your Flap Happy experience to new heights of fun and challenge! But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Flap Happy is teaming up with Rent The Chicken, the renowned service that brings backyard chicken raising to homes across the US and Canada, for an unforgettable television event on Talk Pittsburgh. Tune in on February 16th at 3pm on CBS Pittsburgh channel 2 to catch all the egg-citing details and learn how Flap Happy and Rent The Chicken are making waves in the gaming and backyard farming communities.
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Rent The Chicken’s innovative approach to chicken farming has made it easier than ever for families and individuals to experience the joys of raising their own chickens and enjoying fresh, homegrown eggs. By collaborating with Rent The Chicken, Flap Happy aims to inspire players to explore the joys of backyard farming while embarking on their own avian adventures in the game. “We’re egg-static to partner with Rent The Chicken for this television event,” said Mina Figueroa, Marketing Lead at Mega Cat Studios. “Together, we’re spreading the joy of Flap Happy while showcasing the benefits of backyard chicken raising. It’s a clucking good time for gamers and farmers alike!” In addition to the new stretch goals and television event, don’t forget to participate in our Gleam contest for a chance to win a prototype copy of the game! Visit our Gleam pagefor more details. Join the Flap Happy flock and help us reach new heights in our Kickstarter campaign. With your support, we’ll flap our way to success and bring a world of chicken challenges to gamers everywhere!
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For more information about Flap Happy  and its Kickstarter campaign, please visit the Mega Cat Studios website or follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

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