June 19, 2024
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A Minimal 2D Strategy Game
London, United Kingdom –February 5, 2024– Independent games development studio Brain Seal Ltd. announces that the demo of Monarchy is available now in the context of the Steam Next Fest.  Monarchy, to be released on Steam in Q1 2024, is a minimal 2D tactical game where players must build, defend, and conquer while vying for the coveted crown of power. As clashes echo and thrones tremble, the game unfolds into a dramatic battle for sovereignty. Explore a myriad of activities, including kingdom-building, economy management, army creation, castle defense, enemy siege, forest exploration, job cancellation, and cooperative split-screen play, all to unleash their strategic prowess and claim the throne amidst the ongoing battle for supremacy.
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FeaturesBuild a kingdom.Manage an economy.Create an army that will follow you and bid your command.Defend your castle at night.Build a camp and siege the enemy castle.Explore the mysterious forest and uncover many secrets.Cancel jobs and convert your units back to villagers.Play together with split-screen coop. Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteamWebsiteTwitterFacebookYouTube
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About Brain Seal LtdBrain Seal Ltd is an international independent studio composed of 3 people, Argi Baltzi (Developer), Cao Shufei (Artist) and Barry Leitch (Audio). Having worked on numerous smash hits in the careers such as Horizon Chase, Lego Starwars, Top Gear and Hero Quest, now they have come together to create top quality indie games. Their most recent hits are Dark Quest (Steam), Dark Quest 2 (SteamXB1SwitchPS4iOSAndroid), Dark Quest 3 (SteamXBSXB1SwitchPS4PS5) and Story of a Gladiator (SteamXB1SwitchPS4).

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