April 12, 2024
A Monster’s Quest
Northampton, UK –December 21, 2023– Retro-indie games publisher Bitmap Soft and developer Ruben Retrohave announced that Powerball for Nintendo Game Boy Color will be available on their store at £10.00 (digital version) and £45.00 (physical version) soon.
Powerball is a high-stakes event crucial for a transformed young man deeply in love with a princess. The King, who opposes their relationship and aims to marry her to a wealthy prince, employs a magical incantation to turn the man into a fearsome creature. The young man, now a monstrous being, pins his hope on winning the Powerball to prove his worth and rescue his beloved from the King’s evil schemes, posing the question of whether love can triumph over adversity.Email Image
The physical version of the game is compatible with Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, as well as for Analogue Pocket. It will contain a cartridge, a case, a box and an instruction outlet.
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FeaturesPowerball: Essential for the transformed man to reunite and prove himself.Challenge: His only chance to defeat the King and win back his love.King’s Opposition: The force behind the transformative curse, opposing their union.Love’s Triumph: The central theme question amidst the King’s schemes and the man’s quest for reunion. Social MediaTwitterFacebookYouTube Additional InformationMedia AssetsStore SiteWebsite
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About Bitmap SoftBitmap Soft was established in 2019, primarily as a software house for publishing new and unreleased games for your loved computers and consoles. Their motto is simple “Putting the NEW into RETRO”, they aim to create a fantastic catalogue of games across a broad spectrum of systems and not just the popular ones. They currently support the C16, CPlus/4, C64, Amstrad CPC 464, ZX Spectrum 48k/128k/NEXT, CD32 and the Atari ST & Commodore Amiga range of computers.

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