April 13, 2024
A Third-Person Action Conspiracy Game
Independent development studio Creative Dn8 will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund their game, Grey Lines, a third-person action conspiracy game on Steam, in 2024. Grey Lines is a gripping action-investigation game where your decisions carry weight, blurring the boundaries between right and wrong. As you navigate through moral ambiguity, players confront a global conspiracy, tackling high-stakes missions involving espionage, corruption, and war crimes. The game offers three distinct characters with diverse skills and ethical challenges—Anna, a CIA infiltrator; John, an evidence-focused Interpol officer; and Vic, a powerful Special Forces soldier—who shape the story through choices that influence the narrative, presenting moral dilemmas regarding trust and truth sacrifices.
Engage in intense action, employing tactics, stealth, and combat skills across diverse global locations. Grey Lines offers an immersive experience, allowing players to shape a compelling story rather than just playing a conventional game.
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FeaturesNarrative-Driven Gameplay: Your choices influence the story, emphasizing dilemmas like rule-breaking, trust, and truth sacrifices.Intense Action: Experience high-stakes missions with tactical shooting, stealth, and strategic maneuvers against enemies.Dynamic Characters: Play as unique personas—spy, investigator, soldier—shifting perspectives for diverse gameplay styles.Immersive World: Unreal Engine brings stunning, detailed global locations to life, enhancing the game’s visual appeal.Engaging Experience: Grey Lines offers an active role in shaping a gripping narrative, surpassing standard gaming experiences.
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About Creative Dn8Creative DN8, founded by Emmanuel ROSEMONT, is a digital creative lab crafting immersive experiences at the intersection of technology and creativity, driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and creating captivating digital gems and games. In 2019, Emmanuel ROSEMONT co-founded Creative DN8 alongside Estelle Bordier, driven by a shared vision of exploring the potential of digital products to enrich lives and entertainment experiences. Their journey began with a passion for crafting innovative, immersive Unreal Engine creations, leading to the inception of our debut project, Grey Lines. Growing up as the son of a man whose life was shrouded in mystery and danger, Emmanuel ROSEMONT was introduced early to a world where moral lines were often blurred and decisions carried weighty consequences. This upbringing, in the shadows of his father’s complex dealings and a life marked by security and vigilance, forged in him an acute understanding of the nuances of human choices and actions.  Anchored in reality by a loving and brave mother who was launched into this whirlwind and demonstrated the utmost bravery and dedication to help them navigate those grey lines.  His journey from a literature student to a multilingual coding expert was fueled by a desire to weave stories that resonate with these complexities. Developing ‘Grey Lines’ was a natural extension of this path. The game mirrors the intricacies of the world he experienced — one where every decision could tip the balance in unexpected ways.  Drawing upon his rich linguistic skills and deep-rooted passion for narrative, combined with a technical prowess honed through years of coding and game development, ‘Grey Lines’ was born. It’s a game that doesn’t just entertain but also challenges players to navigate the murky waters of ethical decisions, much like he had to in his own life.  This game is a culmination of a life lived on the edge of different worlds and the skills he developed to navigate them. It is an invitation to players to delve into a world where choices are never black and white, reflecting the very essence of his personal journey.

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