March 2, 2024
 Independent development studio Midnight Games has announced that 3D PrintMaster Simulator Printer, a 3D printing simulation and management game, will be released on Steam today. 3D PrintMaster Simulator Printer is asimulation and management game where players delve into the realm of 3D printing technology to construct, personalize, and oversee your exclusive printing workshop.  Assemble and upgrade your printers with diverse parts and tools, progressing to acquire better materials and handle more challenging orders. Efficiently manage your workshop to boost profits and grow your business as you advance in the game. The game offers a creative mode for unlimited designing, and an engaging experience from printer assembly to economic management, making it ideal for both 3D printing enthusiasts and simulation game lovers seeking an immersive experience as a 3D PrintMaster.
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FeaturesSimulation and management game centered around 3D printing technology.Build, customize, and manage a 3D printing workshop.Assemble 3D printers using tools like wrenches, hexagons, and screws.Upgrade printers to enhance workshop efficiency and capabilities.Print and fulfill customer orders, ranging from simple to complex designs.Manage plastic materials to unlock better orders and expand workshop capabilities.Creative mode available for limitless building and design opportunities.Trade old printer parts and materials for newer, more advanced equipment.Navigate a dynamic in-game economy where supply and demand affect creations’ value.Realistic assembly mechanics offer an engaging gameplay experience. Additional InformationMedia AssetsSteamWebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedInTikTok
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About Midnight.WorksMidnight.Works is a visionary game development and publishing company that thrives on nurturing creativity and innovation within the gaming industry. Their diverse and passionate team is dedicated to collaborating with both burgeoning and accomplished game creators to bring unique, engaging gaming experiences to players across the globe. Midnight.Works understands the importance of providing tailored support and resources to developers, empowering them to realize their full potential. They pride themselves on fostering a collaborative atmosphere where talent can flourish, and groundbreaking gaming concepts can come to life. As industry leaders, they are committed to making a lasting impact on the gaming landscape by investing in exceptional talent, championing original ideas, and continuously striving for excellence. Midnight.Works is the partner of choice for those who share their passion for unforgettable gaming experiences and the pursuit of new horizons in interactive entertainment.

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