June 19, 2024
Valpacos, Portugal –November 29, 2023– Indie game development studio Kei & Christian will be launching Gods of the Dead Vol.1 on Itch.io in January 2024. Further volumes will be launched throughout 2024. Gods of the Dead Vol.1 is a conflict between fallen angels and the Plague of Vengeance, a half-demon army, battling to prevent the release of God’s wrath upon Lucifer and his Fallen on Earth.  Amidst the looming apocalypse, a civil war divides the Plague, with Crow fighting for humanity and Martyr siding with Lucifer’s Fallen. Crow’s mission is to secure the Lost Pages of Revelations, a critical effort to protect humanity from Martyr’s foretold apocalypse. Fight against the formidable Gods of the Dead in survival mode, facing formidable adversaries, and enjoy diverse combat options with 21 unique characters in arcade mode, wielding various weapons and fighting styles.
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FeaturesAn immersive and engaging single-player story mode.A dark conflict between heaven and hell alongside Crow, leader of the rebellion.Experience the struggle for the children of earth and uncover the hidden truths about demons among humanity.Secure the Lost Pages of Revelations to thwart Martyr and the Plague from resurrecting the Lost Gods of Time.Face the ultimate challenge in survival mode against the complete roster of the Gods of the Dead.Choose from a range of characters like Shadow, Kei, Martyr, and Jake Gunns.Dive into the arcade mode, offering a diverse gameplay experience either solo or with friends.Experiment with a varied roster of 21 characters, each equipped with their distinctive fighting styles.Explore a multitude of weapon choices, including halberds, katanas, shields, dual-wield weapons, and mixed martial arts techniques. Additional InformationMedia AssetsItch.ioWebsiteTwitterInstagramTikTok
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About Kei & Christian StudiosKei & Christian Studios was founded by Hugh Sebastian Vaughn a Dutch-Portuguese aspiring comic book writer from Valpacos Portugal. Gods of The Dead Vol1 is the first installment of a 20-year plan of films, videogames, and comic books.  At the moment Gods of The Dead is being developed by Hugh Sebastian Vaughn as a solo dev in his parent’s living room following the passing of his father during the COVID pandemic who was the second dev in the project.  Gods of The Dead is a love letter to the fighting game community and is being made in honor of his late father who alongside his mother who have supported the game’s development since the fall of 2021.

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