May 30, 2024
Gothenburg, Sweden –November 14, 2023– Independent game development studio Itatake has announced that Kloot Arena, a turn-based Online PvP Battle Arena game, is now available on Android and iOSKloot Arena is an action-packed and fast-paced PvP battle game filled with skill and strategy, where players engage in head-to-head clashes with friends or compete against online opponents in ranked battles. Recently nominated as the Best Multiplayer Mobile Game in Pocket Gamer Awards, Kloot Arena features a collection of epic characters that can be evolved, upgraded, and customized, each with unique attacks, easy-to-use controls, impressive sound, and stunning graphics. The game provides an immersive gaming adventure with regular updates for consistently engaging gameplay. Players can earn rewards, progress through leagues, and compete for glory by collecting stars to reach the pinnacle.
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FeaturesOnline PvP Battle Arena game with action-packed and fast-paced battles.Turn-based gameplay emphasizing skill and strategy.Battle against friends in head-to-head clashes.Compete in ranked battles against online players.Earn rewards and progress through leagues to reach the top.Collect and customize epic characters with unique attacks.Evolve and upgrade characters for increased power.Easy-to-use controls, immersive sound, and stunning graphics.Continuous updates for a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Store sitesApp StoreGoogle Play Additional InformationMedia AssetsStudio websiteGame websiteInstagram TikTok YouTubeTwitter 
Email ImageAbout ItatakeItatake is an award-winning Swedish game studio based in Gothenburg that builds a broad portfolio of truly innovative, casual, and mid-core games with focus on mobile devices. Unique gameplay mechanics, visuals, and high production are our core values. In other words, we make games you have not played before! The team is small, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone contributes ideas and shares responsibility for game evolution and company culture. They prioritize playfulness, curiosity, courage, and candor, maintaining a flat organizational structure with open communication. The games have 20 million downloads with a fast-growing group of returning and devoted players, the games are on several top lists and have received many awards, with all games being featured and recommended by Apple and Google. But, we are just getting started… We dare say that this year will be very interesting as we will increase our team and have mind-blowing games in production!
Gumslinger is our current flagship with over 14 million downloads. Here are some of the awards and nominations our latest games have received: Google Play Indie Games Festival Winner 2021Mobile Game of the Year nomination, Pocket Gamers Awards 2021Best Quick Play Game of the Year nomination, Pocket Gamers Awards 2021, Spaghetti Arms – Best Quick Play Game of the Year nomination, Pocket Gamers Awards 2021Top 5 mobile games of 2020The 17 Best Android Games of 2020The Best of Mobile Games of 2020Top 5 mobile games of 2020Top 10 2020 – Les 10 meilleurs jeux de 20207 Best Android Games 2021!Best Mobile Games of 2020The 15 Best Android Multiplayer Games of 2020The best new mobile multiplayer games of 2020, Rest in Pieces – Top 10 Best Games, Google Play Indie Games Showcase 2019 and Best Multiplayer Mobile Game in Pocket Gamer Awards.

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