April 24, 2024
First Phase Runs Until November 22; Download Today 
To Recruit New 6-Star Character Melania, Try On New Garments For Regulus and Centurion, Experience A New Story Event and More

Hong Kong, November 9, 2023 – Bluepoch Games has announced that 20th century time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 has launched Phase One of its free Version 1.1 update titled “The Theft of the Rimet Cup” across the App StoreGoogle Play, and PC. This first phase, which runs now until November 22, introduces the 6-star character Melania, a two-faced thief known for her bold schemes, scholarly pursuits, and perfectionist nature. Melania and her talking handbag mentor Acey are summonable via a new promotional rate-up banner, “Pop is Everything.”Download chart-topping phenomenon Reverse: 1999 for a chance to add Melania to the arcanist roster and to experience all new content introduced with Version 1.1: Phase One today, including added garments for fan-favorite characters Regulus and Centurion, an original event story titled “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” additional events (“Thief of the Thieves” and “Bio of the Great Thief”), limited time rate-up banners for Druvis III, and a new Wilderness pack called, “Where Fog Remains.”To Melania, every well-planned theft is a puzzle-solving process. A creative genius at heart, Melania concocts schemes in meticulous detail, then executes against each plan with extraordinary accuracy. What makes Melania even more marvelous is her special arcanum skill, Bartering, which allows the Great Thief to swap anything around her with an item around her and her talking handbag.

Join Melania on the greatest heist of 1960s London with Reverse: 1999’s newest character trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQLlJSkYu5YPlayers can summon Melania with the new banner “Pop is Everything.” The banner, which will run for a limited time, also features 5-star characters Sweetheart and Balloon Party, each with a boosted drop rate.Melania is a powerful DPS with potential to be the main damage dealer of any team. Her status is Beast and she inflicts mental damage. The Great Thief can use her Ultimate frequently and deals a high amount of damage with the right skill arrangement. Her Insight talent provides a significant damage boost to her rituals, especially after Insight Three. It’s no question that when paired with damage amplification and survival support, Melania can deliver impressive damage.Beyond the introduction of the new 6-star character Melania, the first phase of Reverse: 1999’s Version 1.1 update also introduces the original event story, “The Theft of the Rimet Cup.” The event is available now until December 4, 2023. Note the game’s main story, “In Our Time,” must be completed prior to experiencing the new event story. During “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” players are able to clear stages to gain puppy coins, then exchange the coins for rewards including Unilog, the 6-star Psychube, and Wilderness islands and buildings in the event shop.

Additionally, players can complete other new events, “Thief of the Thieves” and “Bio of the Great Thief,” to get clear drops. “Thief of the Thieves” explores a time long before Melania’s heists made headlines, when she was just an unremarkable university student in London. It also sheds more light on the Great Thief Acey, and explains how a certain famous painting and an ancient coin are involved…The show’s not over yet! Besides the new “Pop is Everything” banner, another new limited-time rate-up banner, running now until November 20, boosts drop-rates for 6-star character Druvis III (Plant) and 5-star characters Necrologist (Mineral) and Click (Spirit).Coming soon this later month, the Version 1.1: Phase Two update for Reverse: 1999 will introduce new summonable characters Pickles, a Border Collie that lives with his human and doggie friends, and Diggers, a hippy artist. Pickles’ unmistakable aristocratic persona joins a list of other unusual allies in the game, including the floating APPLe, the bodiless levitating gauntlet and sword simply known as A Knight, and the UFO Alien T, just to name a few.The Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge “UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory” will also debut, introducing a new gameplay mode that allows players to collect FAME Cards and apply them strategically to clear reading challenges. A new character derivative event for Pickles will also arrive, as well as a “Carnival On The Pitch” garment for APPLe.Also, “Carnival On The Pitch” garments for Regulus and Centurion debut with this update and a new Wilderness theme pack “Where Fog Remains,” which enables players to add landmark decorations to their personalized Wilderness, can be purchased from the Bank-Wilderness Shop during the update’s entire duration. Version 1.1: Phase Two will introduce a new “Carnival On The Pitch” garment for APPLe when it arrives later this month.Throughout Version 1.1’s duration, players that log in to the game for five consecutive days can claim a variety of rewards including Clear Drop x600, the limited-time Picrasma Candy x5, and other growth materials.Gift packs can also be purchased during the event. Contents feature a multitude of goodies including Clear Drops, Unilogs, Thoughts in Entirety, Crystal Caskets, Dust and other highly sought after in-game resources.Ready for the next high-stakes burglary caper? Download Reverse: 1999today on the App StoreGoogle Play, and PC to experience all new content in store with Version 1.1, “The Theft of the Rimet Cup.” Scheme the perfect heist with the Great Thief community via Discord and follow on X / TwitterYouTubeFacebook, and the game’s official website.

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