October 2, 2023
We are excited to introduce you to the latest and greatest from Boinx Software: FotoMagico 6.5! A significant leap from our previous versions, we’ve crafted this release keeping in mind the evolving needs of modern photo storytellers like yourself.
🔹 What’s New in FotoMagico 6.5?
Revolutionized Comic Effect Rendering: Experience faster, high-quality rendering. Also, don’t miss our brand-new Film Noir demo video that showcases this feature in all its glory.Page Curl Transition: A fresh addition to our 3D category, bringing a touch of realism to your digital slideshows.Advanced Video Layer Control: Dive deeper into video sequence customization with playback offset and looped playback.Custom Magnetic Guides: Making your design process more streamlined and efficient.Upgraded Slide Management: Intuitive enhancements that simplify your slide editing process.Robust Speech Bubble Rendering: Say goodbye to crashes and hello to aesthetically pleasing speech bubbles in your text layers.Superior Editing and Rendering: Optimized for performance, making your editing smoother and faster.Reliability like Never Before: We’ve upped our game with a range of internal stability improvements.
🔹 A Word from Our CEO, Oliver Breidenbach
With FotoMagico 6.5, we’ve intertwined user feedback with innovative features, ensuring that each story you tell through your photos resonates deeply with your audience.

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