June 19, 2024
Craziest Dark Fairytale Idle RPG
September 8, 2023– Independentdevelopment studio Archosaur Games has announced that Madtale: Idle RPG, the craziest dark fairytale idle role-playing game, is getting a new content update on Android and iOS recently. Madtale: Idle RPG is an efficient and strategic idle RPG set in a dark fairytale world where players must combat the spreading ‘Pollution’ by forming their own squads and engaging in strategic turn-based battles. The game offers thrilling rogue-like adventures, formidable battles with the support of an unbeatable team, and get substantial rewards with ease. The game is available in 9 languages addressing a worldwide player base with languages including English, Indonesian, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Simplified Chinese.
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The new content update includes: New S+ Partner-AchillesStart a mysterious journey with New S+ Partner-Achilles! Don’t worry, he is strong and powerful, and his fiery flames can burn everything!Partner Awakening system updatesPartner Awakening system: New images and buffs will be unlocked after the Partner has been awakened, which will significantly enhance the Partner’s power! For this new patch, 7 Partners have unlocked the awakened version, includes Scissor Girl, Thumbelina, Frog Prince, Achilles, Sea Witch, Dwarfs, etc.  New events &gameplaynew PvE gameplay: Palace of Abysm.new system: Awakening Cloister.new event: Auction.new function update: Add battle progress bar at the bottom of battle page.
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FeaturesIDLE RPG GAME:Players can automate tasks for strategic play and often advance offline.DARK FAIRYTALE STORIES &ANTI-TALE CHARACTER: Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind dark fairytale realm with intriguing characters and unexpected twists.RECRUIT & POWER-UP PARTNERS EASILY: Easily strengthen partners with free Paragenetic Weapons and offline rewards from the Wagon.DEEP STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Assemble a team from various camps with distinct skills, using a variety of Secrets and Gear combinations. Unlock additional gameplay options.VARIOUS ROGUELIKE ADVENTURES: Encounter randomness in thrilling adventures like the Polluted Prison and Underground Ruins, conquering bosses for rewards.COMPETITIVE PVP ARENA: Form global alliances, engage in 1v1 Arena combat, and aim for fame and glory in PvP battles.
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