April 24, 2024

One of the newer products in the line of headsets, the Logitech Wireless Headset H760 lets go of the wire (usually, we’ll talk about that later).


Logitech really tried. They did their very best to make these headphones comfortable. But I’m afraid they haven’t quite succeeded.

They tried to make the earcups adjustable, but they aren’t as adjustable as they should be to really make a difference in comfort.  Also, the over-ear clip makes your ear hurt after a while, so it’s difficult to wear them for an extended period of time.

How it works

These headphones are wireless, but your computer only needs a USB port. A small USB digi plugs in and connects wirelessly to the headphones. To charge the headphones you plug them in using a USB to mini-usb cable, therefore these aren’t AAA or AA battery powered headphones. The only disappointment I’ve found is that you can’t use the headphones over purely a cable, if you want to charge and use these headphones at the same time you will end up occupying 2 USB ports. These headphones will start working (on mac at least) the instant you turn them on and plug in the USB digi. They will appear as an option along with built-in microphone and built-in line in. To use the headphones with skype you need to go into your skype preferences and configure the audio preferences to use the headphones as speakers and a Mic. An addition would be the volume and playback controls on the right side of the headphones, which are nice but not frequently used as it is easier to press a button on your keyboard then to move your hand to the side of your head and feel around for the indents that mark the buttons.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is acceptable and not too degraded. These aren’t enterprise studio quality headphones like Bose or Altec Lansing, but they don’t have much degrade of the sound over the wireless connection. Basically: good, acceptable, but not exceptional.

The mic is the same, probably the standard quality you would find on a small computer mic. The sound from this mic isn’t degraded either over the wireless signal. The only problem I encountered was that if you positioned it directly in front of your mouth it picked up a lot of breathing noise, so make sure you position the mic below your mouth.


These headphones provide no unusual stellar features, but offer wireless flexibility which may appeal to many.

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